It was marvelous full moon in the night sky yesterday, wasn’t it !!!

The shape was very clear and the moonlight was reflected onto ripple on the surface waves of sea which the spectacular scene induce us romantic atmosphere.

Perhaps, the most people of the earth would be looked up the night sky and viewing Full Moon from the each country subject to the weather and were observed the spectacular feature of the planet together with praying for something goodies.

As you are aware, Japanese people prefer to celebrate the Full Moon especially on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month so-called as “Jyugo-ya” then people make offerings some special foods e.g. ball shaped sticky rice cake, chestnut rice and etc.

together with special flowers arrangement in order to praying for their good health, safety of their family etc. with gratitude for good harvest and crops from the land. 

My neighborhood in AkadomariAKDalso makes offering the typical traditional dishes which were stated the above.

Probably the elder person would be learned from their parents that people can steal the sticky rice cake from the neighbor only for the night without any penalties.

 Can you believe it ???

Anyhow, it was fantastic night and I enjoyed the moon with favorite Japanese-sake!!!  You might try it tonight if the weather will be fine at your side !