Sado in Niigata, Japan have heaps of marvelous treasure in the whole island throughout its history.

In the early 17’s century in Japan, there was a gold rush in Aikawa town ,Sado and so many people flocking to the town from all over the place in Japan with their dreams of making a fortune at one stroke.

Consequently, population of the town became approx. 40,000 people in Edo age( 1603-1867) and Aikawa was changed into a leading commercial town not only in the island but also at the time of Japan.

Although many people had been remained in the town after the great rush of business in relation to Gold & Silver mining, some people had moved to other area of the island and has been running their own life respectively.

Eventually, nowaday society of Sado island has been consisted of almost these people with accumulated historical backgrounds. 

For your information, the mining had produced 78 ton of Gold and 2,330ton of Silver during 1601-1989 as the biggest Gold & Silver mine in Japan.

Hope the heritage for mining facilities in Aikawa + other mining in Sado to be registered as UNESCO World Helitage sites in the near future!!!