Sado Island is located at approx. 350km far north from the capital of Japan and is in Sea of Japan.

It is naturally geographical location of the island should belong to chilly northern Japan however, warmish marine environment surrounding the island seems to be Tropical Island.

Can you believe there are some corals migrate to the waters?

Yes, we can rarely recognize some corals colored pink and white as bycatch of bottom gill nets operates by fishermen in Akadomari area. As you can see the attached photos, the shape of coral is exactly the same as well as you can see it at tropical waters.

In fact, there are warm water current called Tsushima Current & cold water current called Riman Current and the both are crossing at off the island.  Especially, the warm current would be more effective to bring here a large numbers of marine biologics originally lives in tropical waters.

 Furthermore, we can also luckily observe some marine animals at the waters by vessel e.g. Whale, Dolphin, Sea lion, Seal etc. which the animals love to travel around the world via some currents.

If you would prefer to confirm these scene by yourself, why don’t you visit the island.

We believe that the great nature exist in the island would be very much well come you!!! (^^)/