The island had first high-speed passenger & car carrier named AKANE this week as a substitute for Kogane-maru which had been operated between Pt. Ogi ,Sado and Pt. Naoetsu,Niigata side also as car ferry.

Kogane-maru used to operate the route during 160minutes however,

AKANE estimates it takes only 100minutes for the route. It means that 60 minutes will be shrunken by AKANE’s work.

AKANE is actually “Wave Piercing Catamaran Ferry” and it’s not only the hull itself but also decks and flames materials are made of aluminums instead of irons thus, she is lightweight vessel with eco operations and excellent fuel efficiency.

These facts makes her faster than before accordingly.

If you have an opportunity to visit Sado, we would like to recommend you to go on board AKANE route besides both Ryotsu-Niigata and Akadomari-Teradomari route in order to enjoy trip by each boat which has equipped marvelous technology.

Bon voyage to all !!! (^^)/