Takigi-Noh was performed at Kusakari-shrine, Hamochi last night as a part of the events about Hamochi-Matsuri, Sado Island on 15th June.

Approx. 100 people were enjoyed the performance among the pleasant atmosphere in the open-air.

The title of performance was “SAIOUBO” which the story was originally from the ancient China however, it was a bit difficult to appreciate for the writer. (^^;)

Although they say that “ Noh mask itself has no expression but, shows the motion of man with its slight motion” , the thought could be a little bit understandable to the writer. (^.^)

In fact, Sado has 30+ Noh stages mainly in Shinto shrine in the island so that you can appreciate the performance of Takigi-Noh while your travelling to the island specially in this season.

For the further information, please refer to the site of Sado Tourism Association stated below;-


Hope you would be feel something about Japanese traditional arts at Sado!(^^)/