Sado Island have 16person of JRCVJapan Rural area Cooperation Volunteersmembers up to July 2015 who were dispatched to 16 different rural areas throughout the island to encourage not only local industries, traditional events but also the people who lives there.

JRCV program was introduced into Sado City in 2013 by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ( MIC) of Japanese government in the sense of that cheering up the rural areas in the land where being significant increasing aged society with a low birthrate by way of salvation of JRCV’s task force.

JRCV’s activities in the island are depending on the situation of each area e.g. Akadomari area is famous as a fishing port and produce varied sea foods besides rice industries, fruit growing etc in the area.

 So, the staff was involved to transmit any kind of information about these primary industry through the website. However, if the staff has something “tactics” or “clue” to improve the circumstances in the area, he may pursue the scheme by the negotiation with the local community.  

 Furthermore, he can give his hands to the area upon requirement from the community in case of the local events. Thus, it is very important to keep good relationship with the community in order for him to have habitation in the area. 

.Contract between Sado city and staff should be renewable annually but, it won’t be beyond three years. It is also that MIC recommend staff to habit the area permanently after expiry the contract.

These are outlines about JRCV in Sado. Would you like to be a candidate for the staff ???

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