Species of Alaskan pink shrimp (Pandalus eous) or Hokkoku-Akaebi ( Japanese) is one of famous seafood as tasty Nanban-ebi not only in the market of Sado Island but also the most markets in Japan as premium deep water sweet shrimp.

Although the species is often caught by trawl net in the coast of Niigata area, it has been caught by pot in the island under the consideration of feature of fishing grand condition.

Pot trap Fishery is well known as crab and Lobster fishing in many countries includes Japan where can be available some species of Crustacea at commercial base. On the other hand, Pot fishery is also applicable to snapper fishing even in tropical waters such as cost of Western Australian waters where being existing.

This fishing in the island was initially introduced from Hokkaido, Japan in 1962 and catches of the shrimp has been dramatically increased since that time.

In the marine resources protection point of view, this fisheries is very much effective fishing method for management of resources also one of the most advanced fishing in the industry.

Furthermore, it is remarkable that Individual Quota (IQ) system was introduced into the fishing at the waters in 2011 as the first trial in the history for Japanese fishery Industry as management of marine resources in Japanese EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone). So that the resources has been controlled and managed by the government and fishermen which is our pride.

I do hope the fishery will be continued and supply yummy Nanban-ebi to us forever.