Here in Akadomari Sado Island, there has been held graduation ceremony at Akadomari elementary school today and 15 school boys and girls has graduated as grade 6 education system in Japan.

The ceremony was carrying out in dignified atmosphere at the gymnasium with attendance of grade 1-5 students, their parents, teachers, PTA members and guests including the writer for an hour.

As you may be aware, compulsory education system in Japan is guaranteed provision of education to people up to grade 9 which means that they were assured to enroll in public Junior High school during 3 years as grade 7 – 9 as free education without any educational examinations.

In the program of ceremony, the students were given the certificate of graduation from the principal then, sing a song of the anthem, school song and farewell song together with all the attendance.

It is sometime ceremonious service for us, the writer said himself.

Anyhow, it is memorial special day for students.

Congratulations for graduation to boys & girls and the parents.

Hope your prospect new life as freshman in Junior high school in April.

All the best to all !!!